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Shongolulu branding & apparel design


Launching a product line requires a creative branding experience and a thoughtful, coordinated marketing campaign. That’s where we come in. Shongolulu approached us as a start-up company, looking to create a brand from the ground up. As a for-profit apparel brand, Shongolulu is dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats by raising awareness through our daily lifestyle's. With this philosophy, we worked to develop a logo, illustrate and style their first collection of products, create a packaging line, and launch an online store.


Branding, Product Design, Packaging, Photography, Web Design

The Shongolulu, a millipede, serves as the foundation to this branding. The client needed an abstract, but accessible visual representation of their mission statement, "A Million Feet Marching". Euro Style was able to do just that. We created a lifestyle brand that appeals to an adventurous, but stylish consumer who believes in the coexistence between humans and animals.

This is a brand that is not afraid of pattern or color, and celebrates all of Earth's inhabitants for their individual characteristics. Euro Style's expertise in illustration came in handy when bringing this to life. Animal illustrations and patterns were strategically placed on products and other materials to carefully animate the Shongolulu brand.

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